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History of Pyburn & Odom, Inc.

The firm of Pyburn & Odom was founded in 1948 when the late Dewitt L. Pyburn and Leo M. Odom formed a joint venture association. Those two pioneers in lower Mississippi River engineering formed the nucleus of today's forward-looking corporation. The firm now offers a full line of civil, environmental, and water resource engineering services, as well as construction supervision and forensic engineering.

Known widely as pipeline and waterfront structural experts, Pyburn & Odom was among the early leaders in the nation recognizing the need for giving the environment more attention. It's later diversification was a logical extension of its proven expertise.

Our professional staff is composed of an outstanding group of engineers, technicians, and support personnel, utilizing an in-house computer system with CADD capabilities. Each project is performed under the direction of a member of Pyburn & Odom's senior staff, and periodic critical reviews of projects are made at regular staff briefings, with quality assurance being an important component of every project.

Continuing experience with major governmental agencies at all levels has enabled Pyburn & Odom to establish firm working relationships which expedite the preparation and approval of permit applications for our clients. With over 4000 successfully completed projects, Pyburn & Odom is looking forward to the 21st century, as a major contributor to the engineering successes of our state and nation.

Water Oriented Consulting and Environmental Scientists

Pyburn & Odom, Inc is an internationally known firm environmental scientists which provides multi-disciplinary services in the following broad categories:
bulletLarge Pipelines, Pipeline Water Crossings
bulletWater and Land Surveys
bulletHighways, Bridges
bulletDrainage and Flood Control
bulletWaterfront Structural
bulletConstruction Layout, Inspection & Management
bulletIndustrial Water Supply and Outfall Systems
bulletHydrologic, Hydraulic, and Water Quality Studies
bulletIndustrial Site Selection and Development
bulletDevelopment of Water Resources
bulletValue Engineering
bulletChemical Process Sewer Audits PHA
bulletCoastal Restoration & Dredging Studies
bulletExpert Testimony in Riparian Boundary Suits
bulletMunicipal Projects & Wastewater Treatment
bulletChannels, Rivers, Canals, Dams, and Waterways
bulletPort and Harbor Development
bulletEnvironmental Engineering
bulletQuality Assurance/Quality Control
bulletBoundary Surveys and Right-of-Way Procurement


Environmental awareness in the world has brought about increased concern and more stringent regulatory reviews of many types of projects. Since its first project in 1951, Pyburn & Odom has brought to an environmental project a team with long-standing experience in major project management that assures quality standards set forth for all P&O projects are satisfied. Each project is designed and executed by an engineering team exceptionally qualified in environmental remedial design and regulatory compliance. Our team is client-oriented so as to provide the most practical solutions to complex problems in a cost effective and efficient manner. Pyburn & Odom's 42-year history of serving Louisiana industry in environmental matters is a major reason to select us for your environmental investigations and designs. Pyburn & Odom's office complex is located within minutes of the Louisiana Departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Quality, Wildlife and Fisheries, and Transportation and Development.


Docks, Dams and Pipelines

Since its founding in 1948, Pyburn & Odom has provided services for a wide variety of clients, including private and public utilities, petroleum refineries, petro-chemical companies, pulp and paper manufacturers, pipeline companies, grain exporters, primary metal manufacturers, and state, local and federal government agencies.

A study for the Georgia Gulf Corporation of the suitability of various types of dock facilities resulted in Pyburn & Odom ultimately designing a 35,000 DWT ship mooring and unloading facility, a barge dock, and a wastewater and river outfall system. Pyburn & Odom also handled applications for all necessary permits for docks, discharge system and for navigational aids, and helped to justify to the Army Engineers the extension of revetment to protect the levee.

Pyburn & Odom is the world's foremost authority on pipeline water crossings. Since the late 1940's when P&O began its work with pipeline companies in the selection of sites, performance of hydrologic analysis, design and preparation of plans and specifications and inspection of construction, the failure rates of pipeline river crossings have been drastically reduced.

An outstanding example of Pyburn & Odom's work on pipeline river crossings was the design and construction review for Exxon Corporation at Baton Rouge of the pipeline crossing of the Mississippi River, in which a total of 32 lines were placed in a single trench.

Surveys and Highway & Municipal Design

The capacity to provide extensive hydrographic surveys lies within Pyburn & Odom's Inland Waterways Division. They IWD has established a long-term record of service to the U'S' Army Corps of Engineers with regard to the surveying of the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tennessee to its mouth. Pyburn & Odom also provides surveys for the coastal areas throughout the Gulf Coast and South Atlantic region of the U.S. and for inland waterways extending to Pittsburgh, PA. Our fully automated systems is one of the most advanced technologies available today. Land surveys of all types complement our water surveys.

The combined years of experience of Pyburn & Odom personnel in the area of municipal sewage plant design is imposing. This experience includes surveys, wastewater treatment design, major outfalls, water mains, and open channels. Additionally, Pyburn & Odom has been involved in many street and highway design projects for state and local agencies, having designed streets and drainage works for the City of Baton Rouge and highways for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Pyburn & Odom also performs services in the general civil engineering categories. For instance, for Gulf States Utilities' River Bend nuclear power plant, Pyburn & Odom performed site surveys and hydrologic studies of all streams in the vicinity, and designed and inspected construction of the main access roadway to Louisiana Highway Department specifications.

Site selection and development is a major specialty of Pyburn & Odom with typical projects such as the recreational area adjacent to the Toledo Bend Dam and Reservoir and the site selection of the James River Paper Mill on the Mississippi River at St. Francisville, LA.

Facilities and Equipment

Pyburn & Odom operates out of a 15-acre, 13,000 sq. ft. facility built in 1971 which is located in Baton Rouge, LA. Based here is the main engineering office complete with laboratories, and field equipment inventories including boats, vehicles, and instrumentation. The latest technologies are routinely employed by Pyburn & Odom in its operating procedures, such as computer automated drafted and design (CADD) utilizing AUTOCAD® and DCA® software. The majority of the company's personnel are trained to use the most recent software ranging from structural design to spreadsheet and word processing packages.

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