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After a series of false starts, Indiana underwent a complete revaluation for property tax purposes during 2002, for taxes payable in 2003. If you owned commercial property or apartments in Indiana, the value most likely increased; if you own an apartment building, the value most certainly increased.... a lot. As time has passed most assessments have been addressed, but we are still finding numerous properties over assessed or appealed improperly. If you feel your property is unfairly assessed please feel free to contact us for a free consultations.

Visit our FAQ sections for common issues and concerns.


Provide superior professional services to the multi-family housing real estate sector, while maintaining and promoting the highest ethical standard.

Create and maintain long-term client relationships via exceptional communications: ascertain client needs before acting in their interest.

Review assessment accurately to determine if an appeal is supportable to assure an assessment that is fair and equitable to both the assessing authority and the property owner.

Supply valuation/evaluation based consulting: we are the Midwest's multi-family property experts, specializing in Section 515 Low Income Subsidized Apartments and IRS Section 42 LIHTC Properties.

Our services are enhanced by:

  • Professional pricing for services rendered, including hourly or contingency fees

  • Professional certification and designations

  • Geographic diversity within Indiana

  • Over 100 years of experience between the four principals

  • Specialized service: Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-family properties

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